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Data Centre, Comms Room and Structured Cabling Support

Where the data center is considered the “brains” of your business, the effort put into designing it must be thorough, and the building process should be well thought out and carefully prepared. An effective design, professional installation, and reliability are all key aspects of a great data center infrastructure. Without one of these aspects, your business sits perched precariously on the edge of failure.

In today’s world, data is essential. Your data should be housed and protected securely and treated as a valuable part of your business. Here at CablePro, we specialize in data center design and construction that takes the worry out of your hands.

Bad Data Centres & Comms Rooms Can Destroy Your Business

Regardless of the size of your business, we can design and construct a data center layout that is safe and reliable. We specialise in data center cabling and equipment. Whether your business is big or small, your design may require various sets of data center cabinets that house the important equipment used to run your business.

In order for these devices to communicate efficiently and successfully, large amounts of cabling are required. If your cabling is low quality or installed improperly, your devices are unable to communicate effectively, and your business suffers.

Data Center Design and Build


At Cable Pro, we focus on data center design and build that includes the following:


  • Optimum power consumption

  • Proper cooling

  • Heat containment

  • Room for future expansion


Ideally, you’d like your business to grow and expand over the years. In order to ensure that you are prepared to do so, CablePro offers a data center construction that leaves room for future growth within the company.
There’s no need to completely redo your data center rack layout when you choose CablePro. We expect the best for your business, and make sure you are prepared for it.


Careful Preparation and Planning

Every decision you make for your business should be well thought out and planned. We take your data center needs seriously, and treat your business as we would our own. Our services include careful preparation and complete follow through of several important phases.

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Review

  • Acceptance


We focus on the proper principals of planning, building, and controlling every data center project to ensure success for every customer. Our qualified engineers work closely with you as we design and build your data center, ensuring that your opinions are included every step of the way. Before we start the installation, we make sure to get your approval and acceptance to guarantee your satisfaction.


Colocation and Data Center Design and Cabling at Its Finest

We don’t just offer you a well thought out plan for your data center, we also offer you great customer service and a team approach. You shouldn’t trust just anyone with the brains of your business. Choose the company with the experience, customer service skills, and knowledge to get the job done right.


Call CablePro today for all your data center design and cabling needs. Choose the company that expects you to succeed and helps you prepare for it. Give us a call today to speak to a friendly representative about your company’s needs.

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